Felix & Brandsson

Welcome to the “Felix & Brandsson” section. This is the part with the personal development. Being unarm(e)d or disabled in any other way is a challenge. We all have our challenges. But what ever yours are, visible or spiritual, I believe you can rise above it. In some cases it’s not easy, but it is always possible to take one more step. I have lost both arms, two livers and fought battles of alcohol and drug abuse. I’m still here and still happy. I have been through brake ups and a divorce. I have experience of raising my two wonderful daughters and running my own business. I have been involved in personal development since 2001. I have learned many things both through victories and defeat.

I have been blessed with loving family and the best friends anyone could hope to have. One of my oldest and best friends is Mr.Brandsson. He has fought his own battles and our stories resemble in many ways. He’s probably the sweetest and funniest individual I know. In the “Felix & Brandsson” section he is going to join me in taking our lives to higher standard. We will address things like building own business, physical and spiritual health, fashion, lifestyle,social life, manners and anything else we might think relevant.

Our hope is that you can join us at this journey. Either by following our posts or participatin in our journey. Please enter your email below if you want to receive notifications about our activites.



Felix & Brandsson


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