Welcome to Felix Franski.com

Who am I

I'm unarm(e)d man from Iceland. I lost both arms in electric accident in 1998 and have been working on a double arm transplant since 2007. I'm currently living in Lyon,France waiting for a donor.

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What I Do

Aside from "my story" blog I'm a entrepreneur, husband and a father. On this page I will be blogging about the process of arm transplant, the rehabilitation and the human aspect of loosing something as valuable as your arm....and getting them back. Please subscribe to my posts to follow up on the process.

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The big WHY

Why am I doing this? Mostly for fun..... but I believe that everyone can take just one more step. Most of us are stuck in some pattern and believe system that limits our existence. Sometimes we just need someone to take the lead or simply just take the journey with us. I am no exception. It's my hope that anyone who read this can participate in my journey. Please feel free to comment to my posts and create some discussions.

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Glad I could help!

Jamie Foxx